The data in this map was created using an Altavian NOVA F7200 fixed drone. Thirteen Ground control points were layout over the area in and several additional points were used as check-points. These GCPs were collected with two Trimble R10 GPSs (Base and Rover). The data was processed using Pix4D cloud services.


20170907_152042Mission Parameters
Altitude: 400 ft AGL
Speed: 16 m/s (36.0 mph)
Total Missions: 3

Imagery and Processing Summary
Camera Model: Canon EOS REBEL SL1 20mm (RGB)
Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 2.44 cm / 0.96 in
Area Covered 3.4445 km2 / 344.455 ha / 1.3306 sq. mi. / 851.606 acres
Time for Initial Processing (without report) 01h:18m:27s

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Like many other posts on this blog, I’m using this post to test out the use of Pix4d’s Cloud-based processing and embedded maps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My company Chustz Surveying provides data collection and processing services.

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