Over the last year PyScripter has become my primary Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Its a great application and If you want a free and open-source IDE or  if you work for a organization that likes to take all your computer rights away (no installs)…PyScripter is for you. Its very light on resources and supports IntelliSense or code auto-fill.

PyScripter supports color themes/ schemes. I personally like dark themes and although its easy to go to View->Themes and choose one. You’ll notice it only changes the tool bars and nothing else (ie :code, text, Highlighters).


Default Theme

Changed to a Dark Theme (Eos)

Changed to a Dark Theme (Eos)


Heres how you get a dark theme:

1. Download one of the Highlighter Schemes from the PyScript code repository  Im using the “Cool Dark Highlighter” by 7igor77- download here

Dark Theme with the EOS Theme and the Cool Dark Highligher

Dark Theme with the EOS Theme and the Cool Dark Highligherby 7igor77 – download here.

2. Within PyScriptor, Tools->Options->Import/Export Highlighters and choose your downloaded Highlighter ini file.


PyScripter Website:  https://code.google.com/p/pyscripter/wiki/PyScripter











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