The other day I need to convert multibeam and lidar data to and ASCII format for a colleague.  I have a python script that acquired several years ago for doing this, but I needed a method that people unfamiliar with python could use.  So here’s the method I came up with…

This method was created using the following:
1. ArcMap 9.3.1  – ArcInfo, with the Spatial Analyst Tools Extension
2. Raster used: LiDAR imagery, TIFF format
3. Any spread sheet program (ie OpenOffice Calc, MS Excel)


1. Within ArcMap, in ArcToolBox navigate to Spatial Analyst -> Extraction ->Sample

2. Choose the necessary settings and execute the script, by clicking OK

3. Choose the Source tab, locate your table file (Sample_LIDAR1 in this example)

4. Right click, select Open. Highlight the first two columns and any other columns you do not want to export. In this example the X and Y values are obvious, the Z values are in the columns labeled “G_G_G3” and “G_G_G4”. I only need one, so Im turning the first one off (G_G_G3). Close the table dialog.

5. Right click, Data -> Export. Choose export location and hit OK.

6. Open the exported file with your favorite spread sheet program and save the file as a *.csv file.

If you have any questions or a better method for exporting rasters to ascii format, please feel free to leave a comment.

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